Advantage Collision makes auto body repairs Environmentally Friendly!

The Auto Body Repair Industry has changed drastically in the last 25 years. One of the areas that has seen the biggest change has been in Car Paint technology. We’ve gone from using lacquer paints to acrylic enamels to acrylic urethanes to waterborne paints and Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) clear coats etc. Advantage Collision has kept up with the pace of that change and we are proud to be using Glasurit 90 Line waterborne paint from BASF.

Waterborne paints like Glasurit 90 Line are much more environmentally friendly than the old solvent-borne paints. The contaminants to air and water are greatly reduced with this new technology. Along with being better for the world we live in, 90 Line is also a great looking and durable paint.

Just have a look at this short video:

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