We do Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) In-House at Advantage Collision

At Advantage Collision in Saskatoon we offer in-house Paintless Dent Repair also known as PDR. PDR is a type of auto body repair that allows us to repair damage without disturbing the paint on your vehicle. We use this type of auto body repair primarily for Hail Damage, Door Dents and certain other dents where the paint has not cracked or has been scratched away. The advantage to a PDR repair is the speed in which the job can be done and also the reduced cost of not having to paint the repair. For instance, a vehicle with serious hail damage covering most of the car may take two weeks or more to repair and paint yet with PDR that same job may take two or three days and retains the OEM Factory paint. PDR is faster and cheaper than conventional repair.

Sometimes a vehicle may have some areas that can be repaired with PDR and some areas that have to be repaired and painted conventionally. This is where the advantage of bringing your car to Advantage Collision really shines through. If you bring your car to a purely PDR shop with a combination repair, that PDR shop will send your car to some body shop that you don’t know and now you have lost control of the repair on your vehicle.

We recommend that you bring your car to Advantage Collision for any auto body or PDR need that you may have and you can be confident that you are in control of your repair… it’s the Advantage Collision advantage.

Here’s a PDR demo for you:

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